Excerpt from “10. THE EARTH AND HER CHANGES”

Published December 21, 2016

Animal Wisdom for Mankind | Dawn E. Hayman

Excerpt from “10. THE EARTH AND HER CHANGES”:

What Animals Love Most about the Earth
Suzi and Sharon, Turtles

The earth speaks to all of us through ripples of information. It ripples through the air, ground, and water. If you listen closely with your feelings, you will hear her. The earth holds all of us close to her. There is complete wisdom of the Universe contained within her heart, and all of us can listen to her anytime and anywhere. She is always waiting to share her heart with us.

Sasha, Dog

I love the sun. Although I’m blind, I love to feel the sun. I can feel how bright and beautiful it is, and it warms me through and through.