Excerpt from “7. PASSINGS”

Published December 12, 2016

Animal Wisdom for Mankind | Dawn E. Hayman

Excerpt from “7. PASSINGS”:

A Piece of Heaven
by Tutti, Thoroughbred, in Spirit

If I could take a piece of Heaven and bring it back to you,
I would wrap it in the love you gave me that always was so true.
If I could thank you for the life your hearts have given me,
It would be the greatest thanks that ever you could see.
If my heart could carry one more thing of which I held so dear,
It would be a wish that you could know I am forever near.
If I could hold you one more time before I had to go,
It would be with the greatest strength that you would ever know.
Indeed, I hold you close forever, as close as hearts can be,
Because love holds us together and your heart is safe with me.