Excerpt from “6. HEART CONNECTIONS”

Published December 6, 2016

Animal Wisdom for Mankind | Dawn E. Hayman

Excerpt from “6. HEART CONNECTIONS”:

The Language of the Soul

My life has been forever changed and blessed by the gifts I have received from the animals and all of nature. They have taught me that life is all about heart connections and the love that flows through those connections. They have shown me incredible beauty all around us. Through them, I have learned about a profound trust in the process of the heart, that to listen to our hearts is to listen, really listen, to life all around us. That to love unconditionally is the natural state of all living beings. That the simple act of conscious breathing can reconnect our hearts to our souls. That love is more than the subject of prose and poetry; it is the language of our souls. That mankind has separated itself from this life-giving breath of the heart and spirit. That nothing is ever hopeless and no one is forever lost.

The animals see us for who we truly are—unconditionally, without judgment—and try to show us that if we could only see ourselves for who we are, our paths would be so much easier, that the time has come to breathe and to connect and rejoin with the rest of Nature, from which we have separated ourselves, and even more importantly, that it is time to reconnect to ourselves again.