Excerpt from “2. ANIMALS: WHO THEY ARE”

Published November 18, 2016

Animal Wisdom for Mankind | Dawn E. Hayman

Excerpt from “2. ANIMALS: WHO THEY ARE”:

Animals in Our Lives

In our daily lives, humans have many contacts with animals. Our dogs go for walks with us, protect us, give us companionship, and are even seeing eyes for some of us. They wait for us as we come home from work, and they wag their tails, beg for treats, and are often an integral part of our lives. Our cats curl up in our laps—if they feel like it—make us feel good when they purr, and let us know that they are definitely smarter than the dogs. We use horses for entertainment. We ride them, we watch them run races, and maybe we bet on who might win. Horses teach people confidence in therapeutic riding programs. Some of us feel peace as we watch horses graze in pastures.

In general, we feed our animals, exercise them, take them to the vet for checkups or when we think they are ill. When our animals leave the physical realm, we mourn our loss.

Many of us feel a deep connection to the animals with whom we share our lives, but often, we can’t explain what our relationships are all about or who these beings to whom we feel so close really are.