Excerpt from “1. ALL LIFE CONVERSES”

Published November 15, 2016

Animal Wisdom for Mankind | Dawn E. Hayman

Excerpt from “1. ALL LIFE CONVERSES”:

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
by Amber, Donkey

All of us animals here at Spring Farm CARES are so excited about this book. I am Amber Donkey, and I am one of the main contributors to this endeavor. This is our forum to talk about different observations we have about life on the farm and life in general. We also include our responses to comments people have sent to us over the years and to questions asked on our blog.

There is a major issue we first have to clarify, as it is the foundation upon which this book is based. All of life converses all of the time. Horses talk to ducks, who talk to frogs, and so on. We communicate freely with all there is around us. This includes the plants and trees and all of the elements of the earth. Humans have the ability to do this as well, but many of you have forgotten. At Spring Farm CARES, we have Dawn Hayman, who teaches animal communication and has done so for years. She has talked to more animals than I have.